GM U-PVC Pipes

GM started manufacturing UN-plasticized polyvinyl chloride (U-PVC) products in year 2010. These products comprise of Conduits, Sewerage and Pressure Pipes and their fittings. GM U-PVC products exhibit extraordinary strength to bear soil, wall and concrete ceiling pressure and high flexibility to install pipes in the soil and walls. GM U-PVC piping products are complimented with high class electrical & plumbing fittings, thus offering complete plumbing & wiring solutions to our valued clients.

GM conduits and fittings are manufactured in pearl white color and bear GM engraved marking in golden color.

  1. Electrical Conduit Pipes (1/2 “to 6”)
  2. Electrical Fittings
  3. Sewerage Pipes (1-1/2” to 8”)
  4. Super Sewerage Pipes (3” to 8”)
  5. Sewerage Pipe Fittings
  6. Pressure Pipes (1/2” to 12”)
  7. Other Pipes (According to customer’s requirement)
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