GM Cables

 GM started cable manufacturing in 1975 and since then is a renowned and reliable name in cable industry of Pakistan. We are specialist in manufacturing all kind of low voltage PVC & XLPE insulated cables according to BSS and IEC standards.

GM Cables are manufactured with 99.99% pure copper and the finest imported insulation materials on state-of-the-art machines. All cables undergo in-process as well as after completion testing to ensure quality and adherence to the applicable standards.

Quality commitment, latest machinery, modern manufacturing techniques and well-trained work-force supervised by qualified engineers have earned us customer’s trust, which turns out the basis of our success in the market.

  1. General House Wiring
  2. 600/1000 V, PVC/XLPE Insulated Power Cables (Armoured/Un-Armoured) (Single-core upto 1000 mm2, Multi-core upto 400 mm2)
  3. PV (Solar) Cables
  4. Flexible Cables
  5. Control Cables
  6. Intercom Cables (upto 20 pair)
  7. Coaxial Cables (RG-7 & RG-11)
  8. Grounding Conductors
  9. Other Cables (According to customer’s requirement)

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