About Us

Established in 2001, RCB Chemical & Services is an organization dedicated to indigenous development and promotion for water treatment chemicals based on membrane technology, boilers, open & close circuit cooling water and wastewater treatment plants. We offer a complete range of products services to ensure that the system performance is optimum and cost effective.

Reverse Osmosis Process

The phenomenon of osmosis occurs when pure water flows from a dilute saline solution through a membrane into a higher concentrated saline solution. The driving pressure is known as osmotic pressure. The higher the concentration of salts the higher will be the osmotic head. A rule of thumb to determine this head is that at every 1000 mg/lit. 10 PSL osmotic pressure..

Water for Colling

From last decade of 20th century Pakistan's Government has encouraged power Generation in private sector, local and foreign companies have constructed many power generation units. The use of open circuit cooling towers has been increased. This results more demand for cooling tower treatment chemicals. Despite few large scales power generation units,...

Boiler Basics

The impurities found in the makeup water will build up in the boiler as the water turns to steam leaving most impurities behind. There are know maximum limits for these impurities, which can and will be surpassed without proper blow down. The maximum concentration allowable by the limits can be expressed as the maximum cycles for that water supply...

RO Water Treatment

RO Water Treatment is a blended formulation, which is a highly effective threshold scale inhibitor. Low application rates of RO TREAT 5000™ are required to keep larger amount of scalant in solution.

Boiler Water Treatment

Is a concentrated phosphate base formulation with a combination of carboxylates, organic polymer and dispersants. The product is designed to prevent the scale formation the boilers.

Cooling Water Treatment

Is a concentrated quaternary based algaecide for use in recirculating cooling tower water systems. The product is effective over a wide pH range against algae, fungi, and slime forming bacteria.


RCB realizes the importance of single point responsibility. We have a string multi disciplinary team of professionals to serve you. RCB offers a broad spectrum of services. If any emergency repairs are required then our operational staff representatives are available to investigate the problem and solve them effectively. That is the bottom line of our product support policy. You can rely on RCB to provide the support you need, when and where you need it.

Customers are able to improve system performance, trouble shooting the plant and in over coming operational difficulties with the advice of our technical staff and On & Off site assistance with all our products services and support which are provided to the user through the life cycle of the plant. This includes chemical selection, assistance for chemical dosing rats, arranging programs to fulfill the requirements during trouble shooting which helps in retaining production, training, on site advice and operational support. Our in house analytical laboratory staff can analyze your water quality either onsite or taking samples back to our lab for completer analysis.